Wohlner's is Celebrating 100 Years
April 30 3:58 PM
Vicky Houston
We’re turning the big ‘100’ this May. While a lot has changed throughout the years, one thing has always been our top priority – our service to you. Since 1918, Wohlner’s Neighborhood Grocery and Deli has been a part of your dinner table, helping you cultivate memories that have lasted a lifetime.

Albert Wohlner’s vision has been passed down two generations where now Mike Schwartz holds the torch. Mike carries the 100-year-old traditions to heart and hopes that you’ll join us in our month-long celebration featuring 100¢ deals, fun themes, and old-fashioned neighborhood cookouts.

Scandinavian Almond Strawberry Shortcake Bites
March 29 8:44 AM
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We found this recipe for you to try and it would be a great idea to do with the kids for Easter. Scandinavian Almond Strawberry Shortcake Bites!

You’ll go Plum Crazy for these Plum Ginger Bars
July 11 6:31 PM
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Just in time for Jazz on the Green—Plum Ginger Bars

Delicious plum cake
June 20 8:01 PM
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An irresistible recipe for plum and cake fans alike.

This week at Wohlner’s, Alaskan King Salmon is King!
January 4 7:49 PM
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This week Wohlner’s has wild, sustainabley line caught, Alaskan King Salmon at a super sale price. King Salmon is prized because it has a nicely balanced flavor and is loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids which are both heart healthy and brain healthy

New Year recipes and guidelines.
December 28 7:51 PM
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Your schedule this week is focused on New Year celebrations, football bowl games, and parties. With that in mind Wohlner’s has recipe ideas and grocery specials to help you entertain and celebrate.

Duck breast and cranberry sauce.
December 7 8:24 PM
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Why do we never make duck at home? Why only enjoy it at a restaurant, and even then only on a rare occasion? It’s so delicious, easy to make, and very affordable at home, plus it’s on sale this week. Why not invite some friends over for an easy dinner where you WOW them with a memorable duck breast dinner. You could skip the sauce, but it is a classic presentation because it is so good and it can be made while the seared breast rests.

It’s Chicken Mania this week at Wohlner’s
October 26 7:51 PM
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Looking for a quick weeknight dinner or something delicious to eat while the Huskers reign over Michigan State? Here is an easy to make and excellent recipe. Plus this healthier and doesn’t have all the extra and unknown chicken parts that you may get at a fast food joint.

Food-Day Recipes!
September 28 8:46 AM
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It's Fall and that traditionally means office potlucks and tail gates! Try our simple Special K Bar recipe, Avodcado Salad or Mexican Pinapple Salad for your next event!

It's still grilling season!
September 22 8:39 AM
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Even though the weather is cooling off and the days are getting a bit shorter, let's not forget that it's still grilling season. Here are a few simple recipes that utilizes our favorite summer cooking device!

Indian Food at Home!
September 7 3:06 PM
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I enjoy going to Indian food restaurants but when the bill arrives the meal ends up being surprisingly expensive.  Wohlner’s has the easy solution to cooking Indian food at home.  With Patak’s Simmering Sauces, and other ingredients on sale, the cost won’t surprise you.  The recipes feed four people, and, except for the Baked Chicken in Yogurt recipe, they don’t take much longer than 30 minutes to make!

Summer is winding down
August 24 3:42 PM
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Summer is winding down. The kids are back in school so our frame of minds go from BBQ's and picnics to after-school snacks. I've included a few of the later since they are needed, but in the spirit of what is left of August, I've also included some T-Bone Steak BBQ favorites and thinking outside of the typical Gin and Tonic recipes for you to enjoy! Let us know what you think in our comment section!

The Best Meal I've Had All Summer
August 17 12:58 PM
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What is the most memorbale item you've tasted all summer? Was it a special dish at a neighborhood block party? Something from a family reunion? How about a new cold cocktail?

The most memorable item I’ve tasted all summer is Char Sui Teriyaki Glazed Pork Tenderloin
When friends came in from out town we got together for a BBQ party.  So we stopped at Wohlner’s and grabbed a couple pork tenderloins, a bottle of Lawry’s Teriyaki Marinade with Pineapple, and some charcoal. 

Cooking the Perfect London Broil
August 10 8:41 AM
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The secrets to cooking the perfect London Broil are:  First, pick a thick London Broil from Wohlner’s.  Season your London Broil with plenty of coarse kosher salt and coarse pepper.  Grill each side for a few minutes directly over the coals or the high heat just long enough to get a seared crust on each side, then move the steak away from the coals and continue cooking more slowly with indirect heat.  If it's a thick London Broil you may need to turn this a few times while it cooks in the indirect heat. Cook until the internal temperature is 125°-128° for rare; 133°-135° for medium rare.  Rare is better with this cut!!  Do not overcook this very lean cut, sorry, I am repeating myself but I can’t stress this too much.  When it reaches the desired doneness, allow it to rest for 8 to 10 minutes, then slice very thinly across the grain. This combination of searing, followed by slower indirect cooking, resting, and then thinly slicing transforms a potentially tough cut into tender and flavorful sliced steak.  Finally, after slicing season the cut slices with more kosher salt and black pepper.  

What to do with Roquefort Cheese?
August 3 9:56 AM
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Roquefort is a sheeps milk cheese and aged in limestone caves in the south of France where they consider it the King of Cheeses.  It’s crumbly yet at room temperature it is creamy enough to be spreadable.  I love to spread it on slices of crusty Wohlner’s Baguette.  It also is the basis for good sauces for beef including tenderloin, Ribeye steak, strip steak, sirloin or sliced sirloin tip roast.  At Taxi’s restaurant they make a wonderful bleu cheese cream sauce they serve on sliced pork tenderloin which is a thing of beauty. 
Read on for more 
ideas for using Roquefort with other items on sale this week at Wohlner’s!

Midtown Crossing and Jazz on the Green!
August 3 9:38 AM
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This week’s featured event is Jazz on the Green at Midtown Crossing
Thursday, August 4th
Music by:  Steven Raybine.

Looking to pack the perfect picnic for this week’s Jazz on the Green? Look no further – the underlined items are on sale this week at Wohlner’s! Don't feel like packing and picnic? Wohlner's has a booth setup in 31st Ave ready to serve you! We are grilling homemade brats, pulled pork sandwiches and plenty of drinks to go around! Come by and see us!

Cumin and Corriander
July 27 9:21 AM
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A few weeks ago lamb shoulder chops were on sale and Mike said you all bought a heck of a lot of lamb!  That week we featured a recipe which seasoned the lamb with cumin and coriander—that spice combination and the results were fantastic.  This week we have some more recipes with cumin and coriander.

Picnic's in the Park!
July 6 9:09 AM
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Jazz on the Green kicks off Thursday, July 7th:  Turner Park at Midtown Crossing every Thursday through August 11th!
This week: Tiempo Libre. 
Buy your food, wine and beer at Wohlner’s Midtown Crossing store or stop at Wohlner’s “Booth on the Green” where we’ll be selling Italian Sausage and Brats.  And even if you forget your wine opener, stop at our booth and we will let you borrow ours! 

All Jazz on the Green shows will take place Thursday evenings, from July 7 to August 11, starting at 7 p.m. Venue opens at 5 p.m. Thousands of free parking spaces are available starting at 4:30 p.m.  For more information visit


Happy 4th of July!
June 29 11:54 AM
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4th of July weekend tends to bring lots of picnics, concerts and fireworks in the park! We've brought to you lots of great picnic ideas using items that are on sale this week at Wohlner's! Enjoy your holiday - we know we will!

Got Lamb?
June 22 2:30 PM
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Got Lamb? 
Affordable and Delicious Lamb Shoulder Chops on the grill—2 ways
I love lamb!   Yet the only time I have it is when at a party or  dining out.  When lamb is so delicious, why are those the only times we eat lamb.  This week Wohlner’s has Lamb Shoulder Chops in the ad, they’re great on the grill, they cook quickly, and they’re very affordable.  If you’ve never had lamb shoulder chops then here’s your chance to treat yourself to lamb.  It’s more than good enough to serve to company, and its fast and affordable enough to serve on a weeknight.  No more excuses not to eat lamb!

MORE Patio Party Ideas!
June 8 8:50 AM
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Last minute guests arrive? Need a little more inspiration for your menu? Looking for some summer drink ideas? Look no further - we've got you covered!

This weekend with Wohlner's!
June 8 8:44 AM
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We are always up to something at Wohlner's - check out what fun we have in store this weekend!

Let's have a Party!
June 8 8:37 AM
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Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, it is officially grilling season and we are ready to celebrate with a Patio Party! Read on for some great Patio Party ideas for this weekend's soiree!

This Weekend with Wohlner's!
June 1 8:49 AM
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There is always something going on at Wohlner's!

St. Patrick’s Day Meal in Deli Thursday March 17th, Lunch and Dinner.
March 18 9:50 AM
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Corned Beef, Cabbage, Carrots, Potatoes, and Rye Toast.   Lunch $5.99.  Dinner $7.99.  btw, pints of Guinness are available in the beer cooler to consume with your St. Paddy’s Day lunch and dinner. See details in the bottom of page 1 of the ad flyer. 

Free Tasting: Guinness, Harp, and Smithwick Ale. 
Thursday March 17th, 4:30-6:30PM.  Both Aksarben Village and Midtown Crossing. 

Wohlner’s Christmas Dinner Recipes and Menu Ideas
December 20 9:50 AM
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Dec 20
Beef Wellington with Duxelle in Puff Pastry
Christmas Dinner Suggestions from Wohlner’s Wohlner’s Prime Rib or Beef Tenderloin are often the center piece of many Christmas dinners.  To complete the meal from start to finish here are some other ideas for the evening:

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