Wohlner's Meat is a Cut Above
November 12 1:24 PM

If you’ve ever tasted meat that is as silky as butter, odds are it’s USDA Choice or Prime, the only varieties that you’ll find at Wohlner’s Neighborhood Grocery & Deli at Midtown Crossing.

Yet, what do these labels mean? They are “grades” that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) places on beef, based on two main criteria - - marbling and maturity.

There are eight beef quality grades as designated by the Department of Agriculture.

U.S. Prime and U.S. Choice are the grades limited to the highest quality beef and other meats (veal and lamb) in terms of tenderness, juiciness and flavor. These are the only two grades you’ll find at Wohlner’s at Midtown Crossing.

So, let’s get into the “meat” of things. How do the two “M’s”, marbling and maturity, come into play? The degree of marbling equals the amount of fat in the meat. More marbling means greater fat content which reflects a more flavorful beef. (For once, fat is good!) The degree of maturity equals the age of the animal from which the beef originates. Younger beef produces the most tender meat.

For over 95 years, Wohlner’s Neighborhood Grocery & Deli, has taken the best cuts of beef and aged, braised, roasted, and grilled them to perfection. The results translate to ground beef prepared on-site, hand-trimmed meats, wagyu (kobe) beef, house-roasted prime rib, roast beef steeped in our homemade au jus, Wohlner’s ribeye, specially prepared sausages and natural casing wieners.

So, where’s the beef? If it’s USDA Choice or better, it’s at Wohlner’s!
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