Season your Greetings
December 5 8:51 AM

Season your Greetings - Give the Gift of Wohlner's Meat!

Tis the season! Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, but did you finish all that Christmas shopping? You probably remembered your aunts, uncles, grandparents, parents and your significant other, but what about your boss? Or your employees? Clients?

If you’re stuck trying to think of a gift for your boss that’ll show your innate wisdom, the gift that’ll bring your employees back to work after the holidays or the gift that’ll impress and de-stress your clients, you’re sure to season anyone’s holiday when you give the gift of our Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze gift pack this holiday season!

Our Platinum gift pack would easily feed a dinner party for 12 adults or three nights of family dinners with four Ribeyes (20 oz.), four New York Strip Steaks (12 oz.) and four Filet Mignons (10 oz.).

Looking for a package to cover a party of 10 adults or four delicious meals? The Gold gift pack would be ideal with two of Wohlner’s Smoked Salmon (8 oz.), two Filet Mignons (8 oz.), two bone-in Ribeyes (16 oz.) and four of Wohlner’s Bacon-Wrapped Strip Steaks (6 oz.).

The Silver gift pack is the perfect seasoning for your significant other’s holiday with two Filet Mignons (10 oz.), two bone-in Ribeyes (16 oz.) or Wohlner’s Old Fashioned, Homemade Summer Sausage (1.15 lbs.).

When it comes to pleasing the whole crowd with small bites, the Bronze gift pack is the way to go. It contains Wohlner’s Old Fashioned, Homemade Summer Sausage (1.15 lbs.), Beef Sticks (.5 lbs.), Kobe Honey Jerky (.33 lbs), Cowboy Jerky (.33 lbs.), Smoked Salmon (.8 lbs.), Dimock Dairy Cheese (8 oz.) and Nature Crispy Wheat Crackers (8 oz.).

With Wohlner’s USDA Choice, high-quality meat you’ll know those on your list are getting a treat. For the full scoop on Wohlner's meat check out our last blog post, Wohlner's Meat is a Cut Above.

Don’t hesitate, place your order today and give the gift of Wohlner’s meat!

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January 10 6:33 AM
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