Is your Grill Worthy?
June 13 3:57 PM

Is Your Grill Worthy?

Summer is prime time for grilling out – and Wohlner’s Neighborhood Grocery & Deli is serving up ten reasons why this Omaha original is the prime choice for quality meat, fish & poultry.

1. Our standard of freshness is measured by hours – not days.

2. All of our smoked meats are custom-smoked on site.

3. We sell some of the finest sausages available in the market, made with our own lean, fresh-never-frozen meats, seasoned with natural, old world spices.

4. Even our fish and poultry are guaranteed fresh and all-natural.

5. Our associates take great pride in their work and adhere to the highest quality standards when preparing our products.

6. Our ground beef is ground right in the store – not pre-packaged, preserved and shipped in.

7. We offer the kind of personalized service you just don’t find in other stores.

8. All of our meats are hand-trimmed by on-site butchers with over 200 years of combined knowledge of preparation.

9. We select only high choice beef that we age ourselves, including a selection of premier wagyu (kobe) beef. Our meat has zero preservatives or additives like salt or a saltwater solution.

10. Wohlner’s is backed by a 95 year tradition of selecting only the finest meats.

Nothing less than hand-trimmed, USDA Choice meat.
That’s the Wohlner’s way.
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Garry Griffith
June 13 7:51 PM
I LOVE Wohlner's! You have the friendliest staff in town, and you are a valuable plus at Midtown Crossing. Even the owner is kinda nice. :) Garry
January 9 10:47 PM
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